Technical NFTs

Technical NFTs in CosmicFactions

Technical NFTs in CosmicFactions encompass a range of tools that empower builders and artists to enhance their game development capabilities within the CosmicEngine. These NFTs include Asset Packs, Pixel Blocks, and Game Ownership NFT Contracts, each offering unique functionalities and opportunities for creators.

Asset Pack NFTs

  • Foundation for Game Environments: Asset Packs are curated collections of digital assets, often created by external artists, encapsulated within NFTs. These packs provide essential elements for constructing immersive game environments.

  • Acquisition and Integration: Builders can acquire these Asset Packs from the Cosmo-Store, gaining the rights to integrate these assets into their own game designs.

  • Trade and Economy: Like all NFTs in CosmicFactions, Asset Packs are not only usable but also resalable on secondary markets. This flexibility supports a dynamic creator economy, enabling artists and builders to trade assets freely.

Pixel Block NFTs

  • Enhancing Game Functionality: Pixel Blocks are crafted by external developers and contain code addons that integrate seamlessly with the CosmicEngine, enhancing its functionality and broadening the creative possibilities for game builders.

  • Acquisition and Versatility: Available through the CosmoStore, Pixel Blocks, including complete game templates, offer a significant advantage by providing a pre-built framework that builders can customize and expand, catering to both novice and experienced developers alike.

Game Ownership NFT Contracts (GOC)

  • Formalizing Game Ownership: GOCs are minted upon the completion of a game by its builder, serving as definitive proof of ownership. These contracts are crucial for editing, publishing, and monetizing games on Vortal.

  • Innovative Trading and Monetization: This model reaffirms the builder's rights over their creation and introduces an innovative pathway for game trading and monetization on secondary markets. GOCs enable a tangible ownership and trade mechanism that extends beyond in-game assets to encompass the games themselves.

Through these Technical NFTs, CosmicFactions not only facilitates the creation and enhancement of digital games but also pioneers new avenues for ownership and economic interaction within the gaming community. This comprehensive approach ensures that CosmicFactions remains at the forefront of the digital gaming landscape, providing tools that foster creativity, ownership, and dynamic market participation.

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