Ecosystem Overview

CosmicFactions - A Metaverse Without Boundaries

CosmicFactions offers you the chance to:

1. Play a pivotal role in the bigger picture as opposed to just being another faceless cog in the machine

  • CosmicFactions puts you at the center of the Metaverse. Rather than simply being another cog churning your days away, participants within CosmicFactions will play a much larger role. Our cohesive yet continuously expanding Metaverse relies on the actions of individual players and their unified communication to power its most essential functions. Together, you propel the ecosystem to ever-higher heights while traversing the Metaverse as the main characters and authors of your own stories.

2. Master your own domain with easy-to-use developer tools

  • CosmicFactions offers partnered projects, developers, and creatives full access to state-of-the-art ecosystem tools to build, design, and implement their own monetizable NanoVerse Games, along with other related digital assets such as NFTs, accessories, and in-game elements. Our SDKs, APIs, and platform templates were designed with you in mind. We offer straightforward simplified drag-n-drop tools as well as more sophisticated SDKs and APIs for our seasoned developers.

3. Become part of history's largest economic revolution

  • The future of blockchain gaming is undoubtedly Play-2-Earn. However, the long-term viability and success of upcoming Play-2-Earn games will depend entirely on smooth transitioning from the existing rudimentary reward-based model to a more sophisticated one. CosmicFactions implements a dual token in-game economy that gives birth to the world's first truly sustainable revenue-replenishing ecosystem.

4. Take ownership over your resources by using them how you want

  • Whether you're the producer or the consumer, CosmicFactions gives you complete control over how you use and monetize your digital assets. With a wide range of tools at their disposal, artists are free to create, while players are free to engage. Your digital assets will have a purpose and be used in a world that offers them practical functionalities. Which ultimately culminates in an autonomous marketplace conducive for digital assets to flourish and appreciate over time. As well as providing an ecosystem where your digital materials are recognized and needed.

CosmicFactions - A Metaverse Without Boundaries

Built for players by players
By tapping into the diverse set of playable economies we offer, players are able to monetize in a variety of ways, including but not limited to NFT lending, scheduled airdrops, bartering in-game assets, and participating in gameplay. Players who have a knack for developing or are just interested in trying their hand at it can also utilize the developer tools, becoming what we call “Game Architects”. By engaging in this system, players will not only be able to add to the rich and diverse world in which they are immersively participating in, but also generate earnings for themselves by doing so.

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