Vortal: Your Portal to the Metaverse

The Nexus

Vortal, the heart of CosmicFactions, is the nexus that connects all the DAO-approved NanoVerses together in an ever-expanding and self-sustaining web of infinite possibilities. Vortal is the starting area for all players, serving as ground zero of the metaverse; providing players with a centralized point of access to every NanoVerse (game) in existence. Here, players are immersed in an exhilarating digital experience as they traverse the virtual Cosmos from one NanoVerse to the next.
In addition to providing a single point of access to all NanoVerses, players will be able to establish landmarks, sell products, organize events, and interact with other factions. Vortal will play host to cities that correspond to each of the factions. These cities contain Virtual Arcade Machines (VAM) that act as intergalactic portals through which players can access the various NanoVerse Games. Although Faction's city is located on Vortal, their respective NanoVerse aka game will take place on their native planet instead.