Faction Avatars

Faction Avatars and Cross-platform utility

Each faction is based on a collection of randomly generated community NFTs relating to the native project's thematic overlays. Every avatar from a faction’s NFT collection is composed of unique, randomly generated traits rendered during the NFT’s creation. Neither the artist nor the buyer will know the composition of any individual avatar before its minting. For this reason, a rarity score is given to each avatar to conveniently distinguish specific attributes and rarity traits from one another.
Every NanoVerse created by Architects (Projects Game Developers and Creatives) has the choice of being created with several dimensional options, namely 2D or 3D, upon which to build the architects’ NanoVerses (Games). As a result, each avatar minted will come bundled with the corresponding 2D, and 3D-ready versions called Variants to support the diverse dimensional nature of the different NanoVerses (Pixelated, 2D, 3D, etc.). Direct access to these Variants is exclusively made available to the avatar owner and verifiable by the blockchain.
Native Avatars (nAvatars) are NFTs that are based on and tied to a participating project. Every project on CosmicFaction will receive a theme-specific set of community NFTs which can be bought directly from the NFT Launchpad. These project-based NFTs or nAvatars are the heart of the metaverse, and their individual intrinsic value can be found in the wide range of features and use-cases they provide.
The rental suite, available in The Planet Emporium, allows owners to rent out their nAvatars for DUST rewards. Approximately 10% of the DUST tokens earned by the nAvatar owners will be deposited into the metaverse's DUST reserve pool.
Exclusive Perks and Benefits for nAvatar Holders:
· Each nAvatar will represent one participating lottery ticket for launches available on the native NFT Launchpad.
· Holders of nAvatars are eligible to stake DUST tokens in exchange for STAR tokens.
· With nAvatars, players are eligible for regular DUST payouts from the DUST reserve pool.
· Holders of nAvatars may earn DUST tokens by renting out their nAvatars.
· Holders of nAvatars have exclusive rights to vote and participate in CosmicFaction’s DAO system.
· Holders of nAvatars will have early access to DAO-pending NanoVerses, allowing them to earn unique in-game items
· Owners of multiple nAvatars will be able to seamlessly switch from one nAvatar character to another during gameplay
As a member of the DAO, holders of nAvatars have the power to vote on all DAO-pending NanoVerses and will ultimately determine what gets added to the metaverse. In addition, if a game takes a misguided approach to development, the DAO has the option to vote it out of the metaverse. Games that have been voted out are still eligible to be voted back in after a careful review showing they have improved.

pAvatars (placeholder Avatars)

To fully gain access to CosmicFaction and the NanoVerses within, one needs to own at least one faction-based avatar. However, since there will be a limited amount of NFTs per Faction, those who wish to participate but do not own a faction-based NFT will have the option of purchasing placeholder Avatars (pAvatars).
pAvatars are intended to allow potential participants to enter the metaverse without actually belonging to a faction. Players who own a pAvatar will have access to DAO-approved games but will not be able to participate in any DAO-pending games.
pAvatar holders will be able to participate in the NFT launchpad lottery by staking their STAR tokens.
pAvatar holders can earn DUST tokens but are prohibited from the DUST staking function. To stake DUST and earn STAR tokens, a player must have a Native NFT avatar in their wallet.
pAvatar holders will still be able to purchase and earn in-game items with their DUST tokens and will still have the option to sell them on the open market.