The Planet Emporium

AKA The Creators Marketplace
By participating in the creator's marketplace, developers will purchase custom-made and game-ready NFT assets from a wide array of talented artists. In addition, all items produced on the creator’s marketplace will have an unlimited number of mints available. As a result, anyone who wants to utilize these assets across multiple games is free to do so.
Once implemented, the Creator's Marketplace will feature various game-specific items, NFTs, and assets like weapons, all of which will be tied to their specific NanoVerse via the NFT ownership contract. Even if sold on the secondary market, these feature items will not be transferable between NanoVerses and can only be used within the NanoVerse they have been created. So, for example, if a creator buys an NFT tree in a particular NanoVerse, he will only be able to plant it and enjoy its fruits within its NanoVerse of origin.
Game-specific items, NFTs, and assets will be instantaneously acquired by the player as soon as minting is completed, ensuring full ownership rights while giving players more options for liquidating their items if they choose to sell them.