The Retro-Console will allow Architects the ability to design and implement their own 2D/3D NanoVerse (game) by providing them with state-of-the-art tools, APIs, and plugins such as a highly intuitive yet simple drag-and-drop interface. The interface encourages Architects to create at their own pace, giving them free rein to ensure their satisfaction with their product before deploying it on the metaverse.

Drag-and-drop feature:

The Retro-Console uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows developers to quickly build games without deploying a single line of code. An advanced coding console application will also be available for seasoned game developers, allowing them to create more complex features that are otherwise inaccessible to those using the simpler drag-and-drop interface option.

NFT Ownership Contract:

An NFT ownership contract will be issued to Architects, allowing them to redeem DUST tokens while receiving in-console developmental access. Further, NFT contracts can be transferred, allowing Architects to sell their games on the open market and implement purchasable in-game assets.

NFT and Non-NFT Component Tools:

By providing easy-to-use tools for developers’ NFTs and Non-NFT assets, we will enable projects to create games, engage their audiences, and provide multiple avenues to generate revenue.
NFT tools will include pre-built items like furniture, clothing, buildings, Non-Playable-Characters (NPCs), etc. In addition, an in-console menu will allow Architects to choose their NPC’s characteristics, including behaviors, traits, quirks, and specific character roles like a friend, pets, fighters, lovers, and more. Finally, to simplify the NPC developing process, a pre-set rig or character movement application will be available to cater to coders of all experience levels. With our pre-set rigging, even the most inexperienced coders can quickly implement movement by simply clicking and dragging a given object to their desired positions.
Other terrain tools include bare landscape generating and maintenance instruments that users can employ to create grass, forests, snow, skies, and many different textures for their virtual environment.
In addition, Architects will be able to create exclusive NanoVerse NFT items and have them scattered throughout the CosmicFactions Metaverse at Reward Hotspots. These exclusive, rare in-NanoVerse items will be randomly generated, and players who find them are eligible to collect and use them as they please.