The CosmoPad, the native NFT Launchpad of CosmicFaction, will allow developers to create, market, and sell their project’s NFT collection, thus engaging the community in a more meaningful way. In addition, our intuitive built-in tools simplify the assembling process, allowing creators to mint NFTs without the hassle of ever producing a single, smart contract. Users can export CosmoPad’s UI to their project’s native website, or, if they choose, they can create a brand new one from scratch using our assortment of ready-made website templates.
Once an NFT series is launched via the CosmoPAD, the project will automatically be added to the platform’s ever-growing list of factions. In addition, it will be equipped with all currently available utilities across all platforms.

NFT Launchpads (Type of Launches):

The NFT Launchpad will serve as an incubator devoted to creating new NFT avatars that interact across platforms and carry in-game features. CosmicFaction's NFT launches fall within two categories: Bespoke NFT Launches and Partnered NFT Series.
Bespoke NFT Launches are exclusive single releases manufactured by independent artists and customized specifically for the ecosystem. In contrast, Partnered NFT Series Launches are the theme-specific community NFTs that will extend CosmicFaction's cross-platform capabilities.

Access to state-of-the-art Generators:

We provide our patrons with access to sophisticated 2D and 3D art generators to support their debut launches completed via a comprehensive private server. Furthermore, a customizable, tailor-made template will be available to each project to aid in creating their very own website. In addition, the exportation of our UI to individual websites enables on-site minting features to operate independently for each project site.
Based on specific parameters, each series of NFTs will have a correlating number of mints, up to 10,000, that a lottery system will decide. An individual needs to own at least one Avatar or be actively staking a predetermined amount of STAR tokens to receive a lottery ticket.